Duggal Chosen for LoveMyRead

Duggal Chosen for LoveMyRead

LOVEMYREAD chooses …

Should We All Fall Behind as one of 6 books especially curated for adults for October 2020 



Jimmy Noone escapes his difficult life in a small town and finds himself living on the streets of a big city where he meets Betwa, who brings with her a chance of real friendship and a glimpse of new hope. Betwa disappears and Jimmy walks across the sprawling metropolis searching for her.

He arrives on Shifnal Road on the other side of the river where people from all over the world live side by side yet some inhabitants are so isolated they seem to have disappeared altogether. Jimmy becomes the catalyst for their lives colliding.

Journeys to the street and to the city are retraced, so too are stories abundant with lost dreams, unrivalled friendship, profound love and stifling grief, each underpinned with the subtle threads of commonality which intersect them all.

Should We Fall Behind is about the passing of time, and the intricate weaves of joy and suffering, love and loss which shape human life along the way. It is about the people who have somehow become invisible, and how their stories make them visible once more.

LoveMyRead Review

This book might be simple but it’s honest and heart-wrenchingly beautiful. I cried through the pages of Rayya’s self-effacing kindness and as all these disparate characters, strangers living next door to one another, revealed their secret pain and came together in better understanding. There are no fireworks, no great drama or busy plot devices but this book is the most honest portrayal that I have read in a long time, of the life that so many people live in London. Simply, gorgeously, beautifully outstanding.