Bluemoose Books  ‘Book that made my year’

Bluemoose Books ‘Book that made my year’

From The Guardian, Hits and misses: indie publishers pick their books of 2016.

Kevin Duffy

Director, Bluemoose Books

The book that made my year

The Handsworth Times by Sharon Duggal: how one family struggles to cope after losing a son in the riots of 1981, when the National Front marched through the inner cities and communities fought against racism and injustice, struggling for their dignity.

Our book that deserved to do better
If You Look at Me I Am Not Here by Sarayu Srivatsa. Set in post-partition India, it is a saga about history, identity and loyalty. So far, so Rushdie, you may think – but what sets this apart is the deftness of touch, a true intimacy, and characters who are so much more than mere cyphers or symbols.

I wish I’d published
Moonstone by Sjón (Sceptre): One of the best writers around, simply sublime.